Welcome to the Siracusa Yoga Festival ticketing

The Siracusa Yoga Festival tickets offer unlimited access to the classes and workshops. It doesn’t include transportation, airport transfer,  accommodation and food.
Ask one of our partners for your promotional code to benefit from the following rates:
1 day : 89 €  / 2 days : 174 € / 3 days : 249 € / 4 days : 320 €

Let’s meet at the Antico Mercato to book your tickets:

– from 5pm to 7pm on Oct 4th

– from 8:15am to 7pm on oct 5th to Oct 7th!

Return transfers

Vente de billets en ligne
General sales conditions :

1. Registration : registration is made online and paid immediately. It is recommended to book ahead as the number of tickets is limited. By registrering on line, one accepts the terms and conditions. Siracusa Yoga Festival. Online registration is compulsory. A receipt will be sent by email once registration is completed.

2. Refunds:

Any cancellation of an order must be notified by email to the following address:

The Festival will keep a percentage of the amount of the order for any cancellation due to the client.

Cancellation fees will apply according to the scale below:
More than 30 days before the date of the cancelled activity: 50%.
30 to 7 days before the date of the cancelled activity: 70%.
7 days before the date of the cancelled activity: 100%.
3. Liability : the Siracusa Yoga Festivalcannot be held responsible for stolen or lost properties and physical injuries.

4. Photo shoots / video recordings : the Siracusa Yoga Festivalteam might take pictures and videos during the event. These pictures and videos might be used to promote the Siracusa Yoga Festival. By participating in the event, the ticket buyer grants The Siracusa Yoga Festivalthe right to use the images where he might appear.

5. Programm : The Siracusa Yoga Festivalreserves the right to amend the programm. Participants will be informed of these changes. A change in the programm doesn’t affect the cancellation and refunds policy.

6. Annulation : The Siracusa Yoga Festival reserves the right to cancel the Siracusa Yoga Festival. In such case, a full refund wil be made minus a 10% handling fee. No compensation can be asked.

7. Allocation of jurisdiction: This contract will be subject and regulated to the provisions of French law. All disputes arising from the interpretation or fulfillment of this contract will be submitted to the courts having jurisdiction in Paris. The nulliy of one or more articles doesn’t impact the remaining articles.