Getting there

The Siracusa Yoga Festival takes place on the peninsula of Ortygia, in Syracuse, Sicily. Easy to reach !

Airports :

  • Fontanarossa Catania : many direct flights by low cost airlines, then 1 hour by bus to Syracuse (
  • Comiso (RyanAir)
  • Palermo : if you arrive in Palermo or leave from Palermo, plan to spend the night over. If you want to rent a car, October is very cheap with, or Everyday, there are trains ( and buses between Siracusa et Palermo ( or Palermo and Catania (

Airport transfer :

  • Interbus Catania Airport / Syracuse by bus, 6,20€ (one way).  Time table in the menu on Approx 1 hour.
    • How to come on the Ortigia Island from the bus station ? 10 minutes by walk or by taxi (20€ for a van, 10€ for a taxi)

Festival shuttle: we offer a transfer service from Catania Airport to Syracuse at 25€/person. Tickets can be booked on the ticketing.*

*Travel ticket to Ortigia. Transport provided if the festival brings together at least 3 people in the same slot. If necessary, your ticket will be refunded and you wll have to take the bus. However, we have confidence.