Do you feel the sun ? Can you smell the perfumes ? Do you see the colors ? What about the flavours ? And .. the taste ? The renowned Italian cuisine is many things. And it is simple. Here is a few Sicilian specialties : arancino (stuffed rice balls), granita (sorbet at any time of the day, including for breakfast with a brioche), cannolo (fried cylinder filled with ricotta).

This page offers a subjective, non comprehensive selection of places where the team has found shelter, prana, love and energy since the start of project. For lunch, there will also be in the Antico Mercato some vegan options and a bar.

Breakfast (see : bars)

On Corso Umberto, on the other side of the bridge, this place offers a nice wooden decor. It is a bit hip, and filled with books and claims that remind us that ‘life is too short to eat poorly’. To eat : sweet or salty breakfasts, bagels, pancakes…For lunch as well.


Vegetarian meals prepared with fresh products. Via Atanasio, with a small terrace on the San Giuseppe Church square, Luca & Marcella have recently opened this place where they can cater for your needs : breakfast, lunch, dinner.


Café Apollo has been our office, co-working and socializing spot for 2 years. It offers a great terrace facing the Apollo temple, nearby the Antico Mercato. It is open from breakfast till late. There you can find juices, vegan croissants, pizze…

Viola expresso bar & Viola bakery

Corso matteotti & via roma

Sandwishes & Street Food : not the same in Italy

One of the best street food in the world according to Trip Advisor. 2 minutes from the Antico Mercato, at the heart of the market, Andrea and his family create sandwiches similar to the ones of Scooby Doo et Sammy. One-for-two should do, choose your ingredients and pay 5€. To avoid the queue, you may order the day before or get in the shop like real Syracusans instead of watching the show outside. While you’ll wait, you’ll be entertained and talked to. If you are a lady, you might step behind the counter. In all cases, you’ll be fed and given drinks. You’ll taste various ricotte, tricotte, locally brewed beers, etc…

At the heart of the Jewish quarter, close to the San Filippo Apostolo church, facing the puppets theater, Lucia & her family cook for locals everyday for lunch and dinner. Lucia’s 2 sons are the living proof that Ulysses and semi-gods did spend some time here. Her food is generous, creative and tasty. At 12 :00, the specials of the day will wait for you – at 6, the pizze and the floglie, the puff pastrie filled with ham and cheese for our non vegan/non veggie friends . Sit on the bench outside, or at a table inside, look at the people stopping by and taking the time to chit chat. You are here and now.


On the other side of the bridge : Stefano offers fresh salads with fruits and vegetables from his grocery shop, fruits salads, fresh fruits or vegetables juices. Promotion available for yogis and yoginis.

On the other side of the bridge, their arrancini attract gourmets ! These stuffed and fried balls of rice are made upon order. One will do ! Their other specialty is the cannolo. This tube filled with ricotta, topped with pistachio chips, is a not-to-be-missed desert. Again, one will do !


Supermarket via Maestranza. Catering, take away or to stay, pasta, sandwiches,

Next to Caseificio Borderi at the market. Get a table, look around at the workers of the market, the fishermen, the people preparing the ‘sea urchins’… And enjoy their excellent products. Burgio also has an evening bar at the marina.


Via Cavour

Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants

On Via Roma, Moon (Move Ortigia Out of Normality) is a major cultural spot in Ortigia. One has to be bold to open a vegan restaurant in a small town. And even bolder to set it in such a white palace. Musicians and singers from all around the world play here day in and day out. Sometimes outside, facing the superb MOON terrace. Or inside. MOON will be one of the hubs of the festival. Yogis and yoginis wil get a 15% discount off their bill. Open for lunch during the week-end, and for dinner everyday.

Via Atanasio, with a terrace Via del Teatro. Luca & Marcella cook with seasonal products burgers, falafels, soups and other veggie dish.

Great terrace facing San Giuseppe Church. Evening only.

10% off for all festival participants


Via Gemellaro 25 : vegetarians – vegan – bio – km 0. 

Pomme de terre

Piazza mergulensi. Not easy to find, this little square holds 3 lovely places that we love : movimento bici, irma la dolce (drinks) & pomme de terre. This restaurant is managed by Maria (who will be in charge of the lunches at the Antico Mercato) serves veggie or vegan stuffed potatoes and oriental specials.

Gluten Free

Bio Cella

Gluten free grocery, via Alessandro Rizza 9.


Gluten Free : via trento 4/6.

Appolo Coffee

Gluten free products.


Angelina Bistrò

Angelina’s Bakery brother, Via Palermo, next to Via Ulberto 1, on the other side of the bridge.

Le vin de l'assassin

Don’t miss Salvo’s food. His team and him offer a twisted French bistro cuisine. Saro takes care of the floor. He speaks perfect French. Arnaud from Paris, and 3 others girls close the team. Two terraces and a great floor. Several signatures dish are vegetarian, the pepperoni and eggplant mille feuille being one of them. Cooked the day before, they come perfectly melting.

Sicilia In Tavola

Getting a table there is tricky, but you will if you like pasta or parmigiana. Same owner as pizzeria Sicily.

Divino a mare

A step away from the market, nice terrace and a tasty nicely presented cuisine.

5% off for all festival participants

A Putia

Small place, with a small terrace, A Putia is located at the start of via Roma, next to Piazza Archimède, Always full. Fresh products, affordable, and good.



Via Cavour


Via maestranza with catering counters where you make your own sandwiches

Aperitifs & drinks

Cortile Verga

A spectacular and elegant hall will be your first impression. Once entered, a large courtyard surrounds you. There sits Massimiliano & Manuela’s bar.


The name says it all.

Irma la Dolce

Piazza dei mergulensi


This family-owned place is located at the end of Via Roma, a few meters from the sea. You can take away or set your table and chairs outside. Various pizze sizes for a few euros. Open in the evening.

On the other side of the bridge, Piano B is one of the venue where the Syracusan youth goes out. Many different kinds of dough and ingredients. In the same street are many fashionable restaurants.

Via Vincenzo Mirabella. Great pizze dough, made of old grains.

Via Cavour. Excellent pizzeria on a modern decor. Various doughs and various flours.

Via del Crocifisso. Two steps away from MOON and Via Roma, great terrace. The staff is very speed but nice.


A few places in town (don’t get confused with the supermarket called Gusto). Excellent ice creams.

2 blocks from Midolo, on the other side of the bridge. Vegan or regular ice creams. home made, excellent and inexpensive.

Organic products, fresh juices, ice creams.


For the nightlife, it happens around the marina, below the fountain Aretusa, or Via Cairoli around City Life or Hobs.