Barbara Lamia



Lamia Barbara, Member of the CID Unesco (International Dance Council), is an international dancer, teacher and yogini, globetrotter writer based in Palermo, Italy. Lamia’s vision of dance aims to combine solid practice with deep expressiveness. Her many studies include Middle Eastern dances, contemporary dance, Butoh dance-theatre and Aikido. The continuous dedication that Lamia has applied over the years to the study of Yoga is the red thread that connects these forms of art in her practice.

He completed his studies at the Conservatory of Vicenza with honors cum laude, degree in dance Bharata Natyam, under the direction of his teacher Nuria Sala Grau. In addition to the intense study of dance, her academic training includes the practical study of classical Indian singing and percussion, and the theoretical study of the history of music, indology, Sanskrit language, ethnomusicology and much more. Lamia travels to India, where she goes annually to continue her training in dance, practice and philosophy of Yoga.

Lamia’s holistic approach to dance explores the history, philosophy, theory and technique of dance and music with particular emphasis on the ethics of experimental fusion dances. Lamia’s style of teaching and performance skillfully blends oriental and western elements, tradition and contemporary expressiveness, in search of that sacredness of the body that belongs to every dance.